These twins were named most beautiful in the world


Kids are so cute and adorable. They are the blessing of God. Everyone thinks that his or her kid is the sweetest. We all believe that twins babies are more adorable and cute to look than others. But have you ever thought that who is named the most beautiful twins in the world? Clements twin is known as the world’s most beautiful twin.

Clements twin was born in 2010. When the come to the world everyone predicted that there is some extraordinary in them. In their childhood, some also guess that one day they will become models. And the guess becomes true. In the present, they are officially known as the most beautiful twin in this whole world. They have work with many agencies as models and hundreds of others want to hire them as models for their brands.

This beautiful twin baby was born in California before the given date of their delivery. Luckily, without any difficulty, they were born healthy. The name of this twin’s father is Kevin clement and their mother’s name is Jaqi clement. They both decided their babies’ names before they were born. This twin is an identical twin and named Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements. Their mother Jaqi clement said that the babies come to the world 4 weeks before they should come. She also said that their personality shows that they come to the world early means they come unannounced and ready to take anything.

When the babies were born in the hospital the doctor and nurses who are present there amazed seeing the beauty of these kids. They are looks even more beautiful when they grow up. When the babies were 6 months old then their mother opened an Instagram account and started posting the babies’ photos. Within a few days, they become famous in the Instagram world. Then their mother took a step back and decided to not trying at the modeling industries at that moment. That is because they have a two years old son to look after. And newborn twin babies at the house. So, it would be very difficult to maintain and their life would get harder.

In 2017 the girls turn 7 years old and their mother was ready to give it another try. They believe that 7 is a lucky number for them and now it is high time when they should try. As they are growing they are building their personality. These kids dance quite well and performed many times in front of the audience. So their mother takes permission from the kids and signed a contract with 2 different agencies for their modeling carrier.

Their mother makes sure that this modeling thing does not give any bad impact on the girls’ study. The photoshoots they do it also done on weekends or after school. So, they don’t miss any class and stays in their study.

Most of the girls’ works are happens in Los Angeles. So, they need to get there from California. It took about 2 hours. Their mother often plans a surprise for the girls to make sure that they are having fun. The girls have stress for study and modeling so their mother arranges surprises to give them happiness.

Now the girls are doing modeling and they are doing this quite passionately. Their mother wants to see the girls happy and ensure everything good for them. As they are young and their parents are not sure about what they should do. That is why they are doing modeling as well as dancing and swimming classes. As they are born on July 7, 2010, so 7 is considered a lucky number for them. They started doing modeling at the age of seven.

They have been the models of many famous brands. This twin worked with Target, Sandcastle Magazine, Crocs, Skechers, Recess Kids, and the list goes on. They have become very popular in modeling and they are quite famous as well.

The brother of this twin named chase Robert is also a model and he loves to play basketball. He is also doing great in the field of modeling. The clement twin loves to sing, dance, swim and they also like to be the center of attention. We all know that famous kids need to follow some criticism by their haters. There is no exception here. Sometimes Ava and Leah criticized by the audienceand the girls manage to overcome that. Their family always with them and in every situation they stand together and face it. The girls have their family with them and the family got their back. Hopefully, the girls will have a successful life and they have a bright future ahead.


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