Best mountains to climb for beginners


Mountains attract all types of climbers. No matter how skilled you are you may always have the wish to climb a mountain. Beginners should always choose the mountains carefully. They should choose mountains that are easy to climb. Yes, there are many mountains out there that can be climbed very easily by beginners. Many of us have a wish to climb the longest mountain which is Everest. But you cannot try Everest for the first attempt you need to start low. We will discuss some mountains that are best for beginners to climb, there are tall and rocky and you will have a taste of climbing tallest mountains climbing on these.


Hiking: Grays Peak, Colorado

Height: 4267 meters

Days required: 2 days

On this mountain, you’ll face plenty of challenges ahead. Those tracks are full of adventure. This mountain is locally famous as ’14er’. Generally, it takes one day to complete the track but sometimes it needs to camp overnight depending upon weather, speed and route selection. You can climb the mountains with your friends and family. There is no need for any guide on these trails you can do it on your own. On this track, you’ll also learn to navigate.


Rock Climbing: Yosemite Valley, California

Height: 900 meters

Yosemite Valley is a great place for rock climbing for beginners. This 900 meters’ trail is very famous worldwide. Yosemite Valley is known as the world’s most difficult and scenic rock climbing mountain. There are many rock climbing mountains are in the world but this one is very renowned. There are so many stories about this mountain. The scenic beauty of the mountains is also outstanding. So, climbing this mountain you are not going to just learn but also enjoy the beauty of nature as well. You can visit this place with your friends to experience a rocky mountain. If you want, you can also hire a guide to explore the mountain as well. You’ll learn so many things during your climbing and in the end, there is beautiful scenery is waiting for you.


Ice Climbing: Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Height: 1,917 meter

We all know that the icy mountains are the hardest to climb. The climate of these places is not static it can change in a minute. This weather is considered is one of the worst weather in the world. Despite the ice climbing is fun and mount Washington is the best place for doing ice climbing and winter activities. You can spot people with spikes and ice tool over the region. For the beginner on the lower elevation, there is practice ground. And for the pros on the upper hills, you can found a thousand feet of ice in there. Mount Washington is a place for all types of ice climbers.


Mountaineering: Mount Adams, Washington

Height: 3,741 meter

There are several mountains in Washington and Mount Adams is the second tallest mount among them. For beginners this place is awesome. You can learn the basics of climbing the mountain. The south spur route is very simple to climb. A beginner can easily climb that and can learn the basics of climbing. During the different seasons, you’ll see the different faces of the mountain. In the summer you can climb the mountain with your boots. But during spring and early summer, you cannot climb the mountain with boots you going to need ice axe and crampons. Don’t worry there is no fear of falling that is why this place is best for beginner practice. On top of the mountain, there is a volcano you can go there and from there you can see Mount Rainier.


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